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  • What is an appraisal lead?
    Our exclusive appraisal leads are generated through targeted digital marketing campaigns using your postcodes provided. Each appraisal registration is seamlessly linked to your CRM, ensuring instant notifications directly to your email. From here, you may contact the person how you wish.
  • Can I cancel my campaign for a refund?
    You may place your campaign on hold momentarily, or cancel your campaign completely and request for a proportionate refund.
  • How do I set-up my appraisal campaign?
    Use the form to customise your appraisal leads campaign and submit for approval. Once approved, you will receive the campaign invoice which must be paid prior to your chosen campaign start date. The number listed in the campaign, shows the minimum number of local appraisal leads you will receive.
  • How does each campaign work?
    Our campaigns work by leveraging digital marketing strategies that specifically target postcodes, enabling local sellers and buyers to connect with Home Value, providing you with the opportunity to respond according to your preferences. The duration of campaigns may vary, but rest assured that all campaigns can be completed within one month. With our effective approach, we have the capability to generate up to 10 leads per day, maximising your potential outreach. Additionally, it's important to note that there is no automatic renewal of the campaign unless you actively select it. We believe in giving you full control and flexibility in managing your marketing efforts.
  • Do you run campaigns in Australia and New Zealand?
    Yes. We operate campaigns using digital marketing, most campaigns are operated across Australia & New Zealand.
  • What is the most successful campaign?
    There is no doubt that in the world of leads; the more the merrier. The 100+ campaign whether generating buyers or appraisals, certainly generates the most enquiry to capitalise on.
  • What is a Buyer Campaign?
    Our Buyer campaigns allow you to select specific areas to receive exclusive enquiries from people looking to purchase a property. These enquiries flow directly into your CRM ready for you to contact. We can generate between 10 - 100 Buyer enquiries depending on what you're looking for.
  • How do I set up my postcodes for my first campaign?
    Simply complete the campaign registration form but before selecting 'Register' click the option 'First Campaign'. This will enable you to input your specific postcodes for our targeting. These postcodes are saved for future, unless changed in your next campaign registration.
  • Where are my buyer & appraisal contacts stored?
    Your buyer and appraisal contacts generated through the campaign are securely stored and fed into a dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This CRM is designed to provide you with constant access to manage and organize your contacts effectively. The best part is that the CRM is completely free for you to use. Once you register your first campaign, you will receive an invitation to access the CRM. This invitation will grant you seamless entry into the CRM platform, where you can easily navigate through your contacts, track interactions, and stay organized. To ensure convenient access to your CRM, the notification emails you receive will include a direct link that takes you directly to your CRM dashboard. This streamlined process allows you to efficiently manage your contacts and make the most of your campaign-generated leads.
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