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9 September 2023

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Ray White

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2 Ward Crescent, Te Atatū Peninsula, Auckland 0610, New Zealand



2.5% + Gst

Hello Bruce

I hope this finds you well. I noticed your property listing on the Home Values website. Selling a property is a pivotal step, and I believe we can work together to make this journey both memorable and profitable for you.

Here are a few reasons why partnering with us could be the best decision for your property:

1. Unique Insight: Just like your property, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with properties in the vicinity. This grants me a distinct understanding of the market trends, buyer expectations, and nuances that can elevate your home’s value.
2. Free Marketing & Home Staging: Opt to list and sell with us before Christmas 2023, and we will generously cover up to $5000 towards top-tier marketing and an exquisite home staging package. The power of presentation cannot be overstated, and this exclusive offer ensures your home stands out.
3. Specialized Property Appraisal: Digital platforms provide an estimate, but to truly understand the worth of your property, a personalized touch is essential. Let me personally visit, understand the heart of your home, and craft a detailed report, ensuring you receive the best value.
4. Cooperative Approach: Unlike most agents who prefer keeping all benefits for themselves, we believe in collaboration. We work harmoniously with other agents and offer a very high conjunctional fee, ensuring that the sale gets done efficiently and to the best advantage for you.
5. A Comprehensive Journey: Beyond just selling your current property, we’re your one-stop-shop for your next dream home. Our extensive network and expertise mean we can seamlessly guide you from selling to settling into your new abode.
6. Exceptional Buyer Interest: Our recent listings have seen an impressive 80-100 groups showing interest. This ensures that we not only have a plethora of potential buyers for your property but also that your property will be in high demand.
7. Genuine Personal Touch: To me, this isn’t just about selling a property—it’s about understanding your goals, your home’s story, and ensuring we find a buyer who values it as much as you do.

I’m not just here to offer a service, but to partner with you, ensuring every step is transparent, rewarding, and tailored to your needs. Let’s make the most of this opportunity.

Would you be open to discussing how we can bring the best out of your property? Please feel free to reach out directly to me at [0223178147] or [].

Looking forward to the possibility of working together.

Warm Regards,

Matt Watson
Ray White


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