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5 September 2023

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Lakes & Lifestyles Taupo Limited

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2/9 Humphrey Street, Nukuhau, Taupō 3330, New Zealand

$750,000 - $850,000

$800,000 TBC by viewing

#2.5% or flat rate negotiable.

Good afternoon Julia - I note that the ownership details say Barbara Kenton is this a relative?
I have been provided your details via Home Value regarding your thoughts of selling your property at 2/9 Humphrey Street Taupo sometime over the next 12 months. I note that this home is close to #7 which I have been involved in selling in the past, are you next door to the home that was owned by a local policeman? From your notes provided and photos I have seen it looks a lovely home down a right of way - does this row still flood in heavy rains? I would very much like to help you in the future please see my profile details attached. The values indicated below are estimates based on recent sales near your property and these will change - likely upwards - over the coming months. Regards Rob Elvin


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I am happy to receive insights via email. No recent changes have been made to my property. Totally landscaped and privately fenced. New curtains and painted kitchen, new oven.

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