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27 September 2023

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Lakes & Lifestyles Taupo Limited

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Appraisal Estimate

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45 Sunline Place, Ngongotahā, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

$500,000 - $600,000


3% flat rate (negotiable)

Good afternoon, Richard & Joanna.
I have been asked by Home Value to provide you with an estimate of what your property may be worth as you are considering selling sometime in the near future.
An estimation of value done sight unseen is very hard to ascertain a value that maybe accurate, however I can provide you a ballpark estimation based on information obtained through Core Logic.
To obtain and provide a more accurate "Appraisal" it would be necessary to view the property and compare with others of a similar size, style, condition and in a similar location.
I note from details received that the property is Freehold and is 3-bedroom, 1 bathroom of 109sm on a good sized 1021sm section.
Please see the information pertaining to the property attached.
Based on this information and others I have seen it suggests the property would sell within the values indicated below.


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I am happy to receive insights via email. No recent changes have been made to my property.

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