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10 September 2023

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Harcourts Northwest

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11/17 Georgia Terrace, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

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With an impressive track record over the past seven+ years, Diego has solidified his position as one of the busiest and most highly recommended agents in New Zealand.
In the last 2 years, Diego has successfully sold over 500 properties, further establishing himself as a market leader in Auckland and ranking in the Harcourts Top 3 agents internationally. His dedication to excellence and outstanding performance has earned him numerous accolades, including being awarded #1 for Auckland, #3 for Harcourts New Zealand, and #3 for Harcourts Internationally. His exceptional reputation extends further as he has been voted #1 for Rate My Agent in New Zealand and holds the prestigious title of Most Recommended Agent in Auckland for four years running.
Diego's remarkable achievements are a testament to his commitment to providing exceptional service to his clients, further establishing himself as a top agent in the market. Recognising the need to expand his expertise and capacity, Diego established Team Diego in early 2019, comprising top-rated agents, a highly experienced Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, and Personal Assistant. Together, they form one of the most high-performance teams in New Zealand.
Coming from a Sales and Marketing background, Diego possesses the best skills to assist his clients in selling their properties. His negotiation prowess is unmatched, always aiming to achieve the best possible results for his vendors.
Diego operates with integrity, honesty, and a 'no-nonsense' approach that sets him apart. His dedication to reshaping the perception of agents is evident in every interaction.

#1 For Auckland
#3 For Harcourts New Zealand
#3 For Harcourts Internationally
#1 For Rate My Agent in New Zealand 4 years running
Over 500 houses sold in 2 years


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