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5 September 2023

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Lakes & Lifestyles Taupo Limited

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127 Lakewood Drive, Nukuhau, Taupō 3330, New Zealand

$870,000 - $960,000


2.5% or flat rate negotiable

Good afternoon Lynne.
I have been provided your details via Home Value regarding your intentions to sell your property at 127 Lakewood Drive sometime over the next 12 months. I have looked at photos of your property and they look lovely. I would very much like to be able to help when you are ready to make a move. Please see my personal profile attached. The values indicated are estimates based on what I have seen in your photos and the recent sales made in the area - these are likely to change over the next 12 months - upwards. Regards Rob Elvin


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I am happy to receive insights via email. No recent changes have been made to my property.

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