Referral Programme

We like to offer our customers something different instead of monetary payments for campaigns. We're all about growth and sharing client benefits.

So more people can benefit from this great platform, we give the option of referrals in exchange for campaign credit.  

A simple system whereby if your referral purchases a campaign, we'll give you the equivalent campaign free of charge - as campaign credit. 

Campaign Credit is what's given following your successful referral which you can cash in on within 28 days.

Senior Businesswoman

How to refer a potential customer

Email Introduction

Share our email with the referral to contact us.

Campaign Credit

We'll update you on your new campaign credit.

Service Info Pack

Required to complete the info pack for service understanding.

Register Campaign

We'll help them to register for their campaign.

Referral Rules & Requirements

- The referral must hold a Salesperson or Managers role.

- We accept referrals from any agency or location in New Zealand.

- Our conversion rating is always 100% along with client satisfaction.

- The campaign that the referred person registers with, will be the campaign you will be credited with i.e if our 20+ campaign is registered, you will be credited 20 homeowners.

- The referrals campaign must be registered with payment confirmed.

- There are no limits on how many referrals you can give us.

- Homeowners credited to you must be used within 1 month.

- Simply introduce us by email and we'll take it from there and let you know the outcome -

Promoting organic growth and client benefits over profit.

What is Campaign Credit?